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Wolves defends their Title

The New Jersey Wolves capture the2013 Major League Football title, beating the New Jersey Longhorns 41 to 0. The Wolves opened the 2013 season with non-league lost but bounce back with 12 straight wins to get their second MLF title. This was the Wolves third trip to the MLF Championship game. 2010 season the Wolves went 5 and 5 and fought their way through the play off to the title game only to lose 41 to 8 to the Chambersburg Cardinals. Wolves fell short of their goal the following season again going 5 and 5, reaching the League?s final 4. The 2012 season the Wolves found the magic, ran the table and took their first MLF League Title with a 7 to 2 victory over the Virginia Beach Trojans. The Wolves are the first team in the MLF to win back to back League titles.

Four season in the MLF

This past season marked the Wolves 4th season in the MLF group. Wolves 4 season record is 29 and 11, with 2 League Titles, 1 Runner Ups, 3 Conference Titles and 2 Division Titles. As the Wolves motto goes ?The road to success is always under construction?

Power Rankings

Amateur Football Power Ratings rank the New Jersey Wolves number 2 out of 205 summer/fall eastern teams. This group power ratings are based on the NCAA power rating system, thus your opponents winning percentage and your winning percent is used in the ratings. Thus strength of schedule is a big factor.

The Top Five

Teams League Rating PCT OPP PF PA
CP Piranha RAFL 80.50 .941 .583 607 126
NJ WOLVES MLF 78.65 .923 .633 365 112
Detroit Seminoles GLFL 78.58 1.000 .530 362 118
VA. Crusaders MDFL 78.20 1.000 .419 536 44
BK. Seminoles FSFL 77.97 .882 642 500 179

Talk about strength of schedule. The Wolves played CP Piranha (#1) and Bk Seminoles (#5) in this poll. In addition the Wolves played 8 teams with winning percentages over .700 losing only to CP Piranha.